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It started out with a female interviewer for the first part, then a male for the consecutive parts. It was OK a lot of questions asked, but not good ones like yours! It would have been so much more interesting if YOU would have been the interviewer.

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I really like your style. His selections commence here and here. She was just 61 years old. Shreve Jr. Kingston Pierce at PM 2 comments. Watson Transworld.

Eighteen books were on the longlist of contenders for the Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Novel of the Year Award, but that list was shortened to half a dozen in early July. An online public balloting process was then launched to help determine the winner. Labels: Denise Mina. Tube Toppers.

The contenders were announced earlier today.

Riddle me this! 30 cryptic puzzles to leave you baffled - but can YOU solve them all?

Does the medieval fantasy series Game of Thrones really qualify as crime fiction? Future showrunners take note: Do not mislead and disappoint your fans! It will come back to haunt you in myriad ways. Wednesday, July 18, Look, Sharp! Michigan lawyer-turned-author Ronald Farrington Sharp aka R. Bogus Bookshelf Bounty. In March of this year, I alerted readers to a new feature on the art, culture, and photography site Zoom Street. After only a few installments, though, the series seemed to run out of gas. But fortunately, the Missing Mysteries are missing no more. Pell posted a number of new covers just yesterday, all of which can be seen here.

These are all kinds of fun, well worth checking out when you have a free moment. Labels: Missing Mysteries. In the essay below, Cantrell recalls how her work on three previous historical novels led her to compose A City of Broken Glass. The spark for my first novel, A Trace of Smoke , ignited in my imagination almost 30 years ago. I was living in a city crammed with ghosts and stories--Berlin. As an exchange student, I attended a German high school, learned German, and gained 10 pounds from very, very good chocolate.

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For spring break I took a trip to Munich. Unlike my more well-adjusted peers, I skipped out on the drinking and went to the concentration camp at Dachau. So, I went to Dachau. Because the happy students were swilling beer and gulping pretzels, I was basically alone. Wind moaned through open wooden barracks.

My feet ached because my black leather ankle boots were more fashionable than warm. It gets dark early in Germany in the spring, especially on an overcast day, and I wished for a flashlight to drive away the shadows and ghosts. It held a row of colored triangles that had been worn by actual prisoners: yellow, red, green, blue, purple, pink, brown, and black scraps of fabric.

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I stuffed my hands deep into the pockets of my too-light coat with rolled up sleeves and the collar turned up in the back, because it was and thought about my German host brother. We were the same age and often went clubbing in Berlin until the wee small hours of the morning.

October 11-13, 12222

The subways stopped running around midnight, and if we missed that last one, we were out until 5 a. Then we were on the night bus for hours as it wended its way through every tiny street imaginable before reaching Mummelmannsweg, where we lived. Without much adult supervision, my host brother and I spent what, in retrospect, were probably too many nights leaned up against each other like puppies sleeping on the top front seat of the night bus or on the benches at the subway station waiting for the first train. He had perfectly styled s bottle-blonde hair, an extravagant fashion sense, and he was gay into the marrow of his bones.

Forty years earlier, those innocent evenings would have been enough to send my host brother to a sure death in the camps. How did German history reach that point in time where they hung such triangles? I wrote my senior history thesis about it, explaining that even as American soldiers freed the camp prisoners, they sent the people with pink triangles straight to prison. Because being homosexual was still against the law. When I sat down to write a novel a few years ago, Hannah Vogel appeared. The second novel, A Night of Long Knives , was set during a purge where a thousand people were murdered over the course of a few days.

When I started researching it, I discovered a wealth of material about the major military and political victims, but nothing about the vast majority of men killed simply because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time, went to the wrong parties, allied themselves with the wrong other men. Just as Hannah struggled to bring their stories out, so did I. Most of the victims were young, barely out of their teens, when they were lined up against a stone wall and shot. The Nazis forbade newspapers from printing their obituaries, and stopped the police from investigating all deaths that happened over those few days--suspicious or not--so that by the time of the Nuremberg Trials no one even knew how many people had died.

But Hannah risked it all to find out and let the world know. Nobody died, and there is a wealth of material out there documenting every minute of the games. My new book, A City of Broken Glass , was the most intense for me to write. The conditions in those hastily erected camps would enrage him so greatly that he shot a German diplomat in Paris and touched off the events of Kristalnacht in November The more I researched this story, the more I realized how intensely personal those events were.

It was about children watching their toys being smashed, knives slashing through sofa upholstery, every piece of glass in a house broken--from the windows to the dishes to jars of jam.

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It was about half of all Jewish men in Germany and parts of Austria being rounded up and sent off to concentration camps. It was about the end of lives, of an era in history, of trust, of safety and the beginning of the Holocaust. Like Hannah, I had nightmares as I walked with her through those streets, letting her see what happened and bringing back the stories.

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From the author of the new novel, The Kings of Cool , comes something else pretty cool. Hat tip to Campaign for the American Reader. Labels: Don Winslow. Monday, July 16, Skating Around the Web. Sobol was 87 years old.

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His first Encyclopedia Brown book was turned down two-dozen times before it was finally published. She was Ivan G.