Energize Your Heart: In Four Dimensions

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But most people fall on one side or the other on each of these four categories. And while all of us are at least a little of both, the more one list seems to you to be most like you, and the higher you scored in that area of your test, the more you will probably work and be comfortable in that style. Put all the 4 areas together and it helps you understand your preferences for learning and acting in general. All 16 combinations or types are just as valuable and necessary. Each contributes special gifts we all need. We require all types to make things work and balance out.

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The more we can understand one another's differences the better we can understand and get along with each other. Paragon Learning Style Inventory.

Four Dimensions. Inside This Site. Withdrawing to peace. Energy from. Immersion into action. Watching first. Learn from. Doing first. Wait to be approached. Initiate the interaction.

Energize Your Heart In Four Dimensions

In groups. Externally reserved. Practical reality. Respect for what is. Imagine what could be. Time orientation.

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See graphic "Four Dimensions of Employee Engagement. Work units that meet these conditions of engagement perform at a much higher level than work units that fail to meet them. Primary within these conditions are emotional elements that reveal our basic human needs: to be recognized as individuals and to contribute.

At a local level, managers can influence employees' most basic needs by setting clear expectations and providing needed resources.

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More than this, they can energize their employees by showing them that they care -- personally and professionally:. Some hard-core [managers] have suggested that all this talk about positivity in the workplace is nothing more than a bunch of fluff with little real application in the cutthroat world of business. Our research strongly suggests otherwise: When human needs are met, the positive emotions that result encourage employees to look beyond the work in front of them and to care about the overall welfare of the business.

More importantly, it's hard to create passionate, engaged customers without passionate, engaged employees.

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A highly engaged workforce means the difference between a company that outperforms its competitors and one that fails to grow. Subscribe to receive weekly Gallup News alerts.


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Never miss our latest insights. Holding onto a customer has never been harder -- or more important. Proprietary Gallup research shows that the key to wooing customers isn't price or even product. It's emotion. Here's how to win over fickle customers and make them love you for life.

The 4 Dimensions of Personal Energy You Need to Adopt to Deliver Extraordinary Results

Five years ago The Gallup Organization decided to create a better feedback process for employers large and small. The primary goal was to identify and measure the elements of worker engagement that are most powerfully linked to improved business outcomes -- be they sales growth, productivity, customer loyalty, and so forth -- and the generation of value.

The result was a question survey in which employees are asked to rate their response to each question on a scale of one to five. Here, they reveal key lessons from leading-edge organizations. Notice: JavaScript is not enabled. Please Enable JavaScript Safely. Business Journal. Culturing culture Having a high-performing business culture is a competitive advantage today. More than this, they can energize their employees by showing them that they care -- personally and professionally: Personally, managers can create meaningful relationships within workgroups and position employees so that they can do what they do best.

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Professionally, managers can provide challenging work and opportunities to learn, grow, and make significant contributions. John H. Fleming, Ph.

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