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Edinburgh, Volumes Black, J. Flora of South Australia, 2nd. Volumes Cassells Illustrated History of England, pub. Collection of Books on Natural History incl. Gordon, W. Collection of Books on Art, Antiques, Planes, etc incl. Humbert, B. Modern Calendar Watches; Strand, W. Character Sketches -. Box of Bibles. Yates, R. Young Hearts Crying; Park, R. A Power of Roses; etc. Art Gallery of NSW.

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Collection of Ephemera incl. The Rhymester told me that it was shockingly bad rhyme, but I think that he was jealous because the Doctor-in-Law published it. Alas, you were not made for greatness: I ought to have foreseen that and not hooked my fortune to a rhymester! Otherwise the gap is filled by painful rhymesters with rare flashes, such as Googe, Churchyard and Turberville. Who writes in verse that should have writ in prose Is like a traveller walking on his toes; Happy the rhymester who in time has found The heels he lifts were made to touch the ground.

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Synonyms versifier , poetizer , poetiser. The librarian is like a teacher in a vast un graded school; each individual has his in dividual needs and peculiarities. I had always thought cooks and librarians were cross, and had attributed it to that exactitude that is necessary in their line of work.

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Exactitude makes greater in roads on the temper than a work where email errors are tolerated. In the case of librarians 1 retract my previous suppo sition.

The- librarian abandons the idea of controlling circumstances, but she con trols herself under the circumstances. She meets the college professor and the street arab v. He has a new question every day," said the librarian. Well, sir, what can I do for you to day? I de tained the query man, for 1 was inter ested in his bored expression, which seemed to bespeak of research out of all magnitude to the question.

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I asked him if he would let me see his list of questions. That list ranged all the way from the chilblain cure to interna tional questions. He was asked to decide cases before they were decided In court. He was asked for the best method of pre paring pickled limes.

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Can liquid air be purchased in San Francisco? Shouldn't the bride's par ents pay for the carriages at the wedding or. Please answer soon, as the man wants his money.

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I Bent to Paris to day to find out about certain pictures in - "Say, my pa don't want no more of them derelect stories. The wonder is when they get time to eat- The aama crowd, for tha most part, come here every day to do their desultory magazine reading. The regulars -have their special seats. If a regular's seat Is taken he will wait around till it Is vacated; then he makes a run for it and settles himself for his day's read ing.

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Sometimes they fall asleep and snore, and the librarian has. They always declare that they have not been asleep at all. One old man after making this declaration to the librarian immediately turned and said to his neigh bor In an undertone, "Did I make much A conservative who Is studying along a special line of research works next to a Chinaman, who calls fiction "small talk. He scorns religious works of all kinds. Christian he re gards with indifference. For him only strictly authenticated facts fill the bill. An old man moves from window to win dow to keep In the sun. A weazened old lady always brings her newspaper to wrap her books in.. Their name Is Legion. There Is the old lady who comes early and stays late and reads nothing but npvels. In tha morning sha asks for the book she had yesterday.

Sha does not remember the story, but It was Interesting. She cannot tell the name or the author. There is the old fellow who advertised for a governess and set the public library as a meeting place. Twenty-five came to apply, while he sat back, unknown and undiscovered, watching: them. Here Is all the chance In the worK for reclamation. He la here In our midst. Search GO.