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  5. Can you gain their trust? From Cambridge English Corpus. First, farmers and a breeder jointly evaluated the lines, but the farmers alone made the final decision on the ones that were selected. Those reasons associated with the value added factor were no longer in the majority when it came to the final decision. To confirm the validity of our criteria, we used regression models to assess the role that each variable played in influencing the panelists' final decision. Certainly, the final decision as to which algorithm to use remains application dependent.

    In one the documentation ends before a final decision is made, though it should be said that circumstances did not look favourable for the petitioners. Suppose the game has reached the final decision node. One of the farmers had already converted his cattle housing to one suited to organic animal husbandry before reaching a final decision.

    The solution adopted in current algorithms is to leave the final decision for the upper layer. The final decision can only be in the hands of the informed patient It is therefore highly desirable that older people and family caregivers should spend time at the home before making a final decision.

    While Jaurez Has Proven Himself, RSL Should Search Before Making Final Decision

    True, the final decision still rested with the governor. This presidential influence was to be of paramount importance in reaching a final decision. In all cases, the advantages and disadvantages of the various alternatives are weighed and where possible a final decision made. However, it is not clear, from the paper, how these factors are combined to produce a final decision. Here the 'many' do not make the final decision.

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    Indications of individual clues are added up to make the final decision. It is as a synthesis technique to arrive at a final decision about the value of particular combinations of generative processes.

    THE FINAL DECISION... - Life Is Strange - Episode 5 - Part 3 (END)

    That a final decision will be made in the new year is anticipated. Noise sources that occur before the final decision process could change the dependence of detection thresholds on stimulus parameters. These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web.

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