God, Are You There?

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago This book is an excellent classic that I read in fourth grade. Two years later, I feel the urge to encourage people to pick up this heartwarming book. Margret discovers who she really is.

Where Is God in Difficult Times?

If you enjoy self enpowerment, get it. If not, don't. Sincerely, A sixth grade bookworm. WizLighter More than 1 year ago I admit that at first the only reason I got this book was like the main character my name is Margaret. But, after reading the whole book, cover to cover, I actually really liked it. Sure at points you can sense the awkwardness of it but besides that it was a fun read, and good to force on your friends. Anonymous More than 1 year ago This is a wonderful book about religion and growing up.

For any girl who wants to learn more about friends, your body, and religion. Judy please write a second Margaret book. I about died when you cut the book off like that. I wanted to know what happens to her next year and while she's at camp.

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago I read this book over 30 years ago, and my 11 year old, who has had a really hard time warming up to reading just finished it and absolutely loved it!! She is searching for other books to read that she can relate to as well as she did this one!! I saw her attitude toward reading do a complete flip-flop.

I recall loving this book and being totally involved in the character of Margaret. Having gone to a catholic elementary school, I connected to the prayer focus in the book quite well. This is definitely a book for us all to pass on to our preteen girls who have such a hard time with life today. Anonymous More than 1 year ago This book is perfect for a pre teen.

I am going into 6 th grade and this is a great book.

You can really relate to what happens. Anonymous More than 1 year ago I absolutly loved this book, because a Margaret is growing up and trying to figure where she belongs. I throughly enjoyed how the story was told. I would definitely recommend this to my friends. It's me,Margaret is a Great book! It is about growing up too fast fro Margaret who start growing up when she joins a club.

She soon wants a bra and too be a women. Margaret finds out her best friend is a lier about her period. When all this is going on ,only in sixth grade for a girl. Margaret and all the girls start to like the same boy! Soon Margaret gets to dance with him and a Kiss!!!!!!!! She lied to her friends about making -up with him too!


'Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret' the movie is coming

This book is a one-night read! Great for a 12 year old girl who is now a pre-teen! Anonymous More than 1 year ago Every girl should read this book. LexAB More than 1 year ago This is a great book for preteens.

Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret

I'm twenty now and I still remember reading this book in the 5th grade and being able to relate to so much that Margaret went through. I laughed out loud to this book when I was younger because it's freakin hilarious. I highly recommend it. Guest More than 1 year ago Dear Mrs.

Blume this is one of the best books in the world ever sense i just finished it i wanted to read it again and again and AGAIN!!! I loved it and could totally relate to the things faced growing up as a changing female. Anonymous More than 1 year ago Judy blume is a great authur. I can really relate to margaret and i finshed this book in a day!

by Judy Blume

Anonymous More than 1 year ago Hey this really is a good book for girls who havent had their period yet. I can totally relate to ALL of u girls who really want to have ur period. When i was ur girls' age, every time i would go to the bathroom i would check for anything. Sometimes i would put toilet paper in my bras just to see what it would look like to have big boobs.

Just a little warning for u girls though and im trying to help u not destroy ur dreams or ur wants. And pls trust me because i am fourteen and a half and i know this stuff. Not my best choice. After u look in the mirror when u have just stuffed ur bras ur brain is only telling u that it looks good. In reality ppl can tell if u have stuffed ur bras. Also when u get into high school ppl will know and say things behind ur back that would hurt u.

I dont stuff and wont again. Also if and when u girls get a boyfriend it will really disappoint them when they fidnd out and they will find out some way or another u stuff ur bras. Just a little bit of older sisterly help and love there. Another thing. Having ur period is wonderful, exciting, and awsome Yes, it means that u r transforming into a women and it makes u feel older. I have been there and have done that.

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Sometimes i am still happy that i had that feeling when i first had my period which was when i was thirteen, seventh grade going into eighth grade. Actually on the presidents birthday :p But now that i have been having it every single month its not that great. Well, the worst of it is the cramps. I once went to bed moaning it hurt soooo badly. Also pads r super uncomfortable. Ive never used a tampon but apparently they hurt going in the first couple of times. Also having to worry about changing every four hpurs or so.

U so have to worry about if u can see the pad through ur pants cause it is bulky. But thats when u get o start carrying around a purse and thats another good thing. U get to carry around a purse. Well all im saying is that having ur period and the feeling of growing up is wonderful. It just has those tiny flaws. So go ahead and feel that joy when u see that stain in ur panties.

Just remember that with that stain comes some dreadful times but also some good ones. I wish the best for all u girls who are waiting for it. Anonymous More than 1 year ago I got this book for my birthday and i enjoyed it.

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I like how the author uses margaret to tell us how hard life can be. It will be worth it. Im in 7th grade and read it in one day. I keep reading it over and over!! Its worth it!! Buy it. Do it. Dare ya. Anonymous More than 1 year ago I think this book is wonderful!!!!!!!!! In this book a girl named margret joins a new club with some other girls and they talk about girls in growing.

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Margret is worried she will be the last to grow!