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It would be his place in the zoo, but next to that place would be a small hill full of monkeys. I would say that is a more proper place for him. This realisation has already had its effect on intra-Gulf relations, with an important partnership being constructed between Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Anan, who is known to have close relations with Riyadh, has been ordered by Sisi to keep a low profile, which almost amounts to house arrest, Nour claimed.

Nour revealed for the first time the key names on the preparatory committee and their parties. It includes the secular April 6 movement and both wings of the Muslim Brotherhood, who have split with each other over the need to modernise the organisation.

Dilbar Arabic Version - Fnaire Feat. Nora Fatehi

One notable absentee from the list Nour revealed was Mohamed ElBaradei, the former vice-president, who lives in exile in Austria. Nour said the situation in Egypt had got so bad that no one person could halt the slide into economic and political chaos. Whoever took over the reins after Sisi would be taking on a suicidal role, hence the importance of having a group of politicians with strong democratic credentials who could keep the country on track to democracy, Nour said. A foray into her being; a sound artist, a songstress, a sculptor.

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Nour's creativity orbits an ever-moving center. Thus, glimpses, reflections, and splinters of her oeuvre embody Father Fugue. The side-long titular piece on the LP is unlike anything I have ever heard. Nour describes the piece: 'the left channel of 'Father Fugue' is composed of conversations with my father, Jean Mobarak , a polyglot who has a second memory and lives in the mountains of Lebanon.

Dictionnaire Abdel-Nour al-Mufassal arabe-français et français-arabe : 2 volumes

The right channel is composed of improvised song. They speak of cars, of soccer, of Italy.

It was also showcased in the Bras for a Cause fashion shows in Beirut and Dubai. I was inspired to create a piece that brings together various ideas and feelings around travel, that I have experienced myself, and through reading travel-related literature that has impacted me. Seuss - Oh, the Places You'll Go!

Nour Hage, Class of '10 and PCA Ambassador, Creates Limited Edition Scarves

Perhaps one of my favorite things about Bali was stumbling upon these while wandering the streets. It became a little bit of a treasure hunt.

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But here, these little guys became my source of inspiration. This made me think about the impact travel can have on the process of observing and creating, and how much the exploration of new cultures has been feeding my personal creative process and work. I designed a subverted label of The Laughing Cow cheese, to stick on the original packages in supermarkets, in order to raise awareness on the cruelty of the dairy industry.

In ‘Noor’, a transgender Pakistani searches for love and acceptance

The subverted label lifts, and provides information to consumers about how dairy is produced, how it negatively impacts our health, and what alternatives we can choose. You can download and use the labels yourself in supermarkets. They are available in English , French and Spanish. Print the labels in your language and cut them out along the circle lines. Each file contains 2 sets of labels.

Superimpose the front of the label and the inside containing the text. Use a small piece of scotch tape to connect the 2 circles on the top, and allow the front to lift up, as shown in the pictures. Use either double-sided tape or a glue stick, to stick the labels on the cheese packages in supermarkets. Phone case designs for Casetify. Print available in various sizes on Juniqe and Society6. For my university final year project, I wrote and illustrated a book called "The Great Toy Escape", after writing a thesis about gender stereotypes in children's toys.

The "sing-along" children's book contains a subliminal critique of these stereotypes in the toy industry. Kummam Al Maadeed is a movie critic and asked me to design her website Kemz Movies , as well as a logo and business card. Design of French singer Ceilin Poggi's first album cover, including photo manipulation and retouching. Andersen's famous fairy tale. The layout and illustration taps into the darker and more disturbing side of the little mermaid's psychology. I designed a character for a fun competition for the hotel chain Beirut Homes , which won first place. The competition required the creation of a character, Sophie, a fictional resident of Beirut Homes, and imaginging 5 of her personality traits. Typographic illustration produced for The National newspaper, to accompany an article titled 'Can you read?