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They are responsible for the ultimate resolution of the dispute. The parties should seek legal advice solely from their legal counsel. The mediator, however, may raise issues and help parties explore options.

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Setting up the first meeting. Mediation parties may be assisted by an advocate, legal procurator or any individual designated by them whether before or during the mediation proceedings. First meeting and review of mediation procedures.

What makes a good peer mediator? - KS2 PSHE and Citizenship - BBC Bitesize

At the first meeting, the mediator will:. A mediator has the following duties to observe Impartiality means freedom from favouritism, bias or prejudice both in conduct and appearance.

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A mediator may be challenged on grounds of impartiality by any mediation party. However, if the challenged mediator does not withdraw, the chairman of the Board of Governors of the Centre will decide on the challenge and his decision will be final and binding.

Live mediation theatre: mediation role play at the #ResolutionRedefined Conference 2016

If the Chairman sustains the challenge, a substitute mediator will be appointed by the Centre. Confidentiality is the cornerstone of the mediation process. The Act stipulates that everything said during the course of mediation, including all communications between the parties and the mediator are confidential and no evidence of anything said or documents produced during the mediation process are admissible in any litigation proceedings.

Furthermore, the disclosure of the content of the agreement reached between the parties is also permitted when required to prevent harm to the physical or psychological integrity of a person or where the disclosure is necessary in order to implement or enforce the agreement reached between the parties. This page location is:. I discovered that in most of the mediation proceedings, the parties had reached a point of conflict in their lives not only because there was lack of proper communication and compatibility between the concerned individuals but also because they had unrealistic expectations from the institution of marriage and many of them were hence, advised to go for marriage counselling.

Alternative Dispute Resolution: Values-Based Role Play Simulations for Improving Mediation Skills

It was also evident that many women were, gradually, but certainly, dismissing toxic ideas surrounding patriarchy and gender norms which have existed for an incredibly long period of time. Their sheer refusal to accept the same by deciding to end their stifling marriages reflected an attitudinal shift in the ideas and values revolving around the institution of marriage in India which, alone, has gone through some significant changes in recent times.

My overall experience interning at the Bangalore Mediation Centre proved to be very enriching and fruitful.

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  • Certainly, the Bangalore Mediation Centre happens to be one of the best places to resolve disputes in quick time and without any legal hassles. This internship has not only reinforced in me the values of patience, perseverance, sensitivity, tolerance and, of course, respect, for another individual's point of view but, more importantly, it has also taught me the value of being open to experience while dealing with any situation in life. See more blogs. Human Rights. April 24, By Aishwarya Girinarayanan.

    Roles and Duties of Mediator

    Like Post Submit a post. Image Credit. Mediation - Representational Image. Mediation - an informal, consensual and flexible technique of resolving disputes.


    Peace is not the absence of conflict, but the ability to cope with it - Mahatma Gandhi. View the discussion thread. Related Stories Submit a Post. Personal growth.