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Even though she was defeated, her true body was still inside the moon and begin the Fall to destroyed the world. When all hope seems lost, Igor servant of Philemon who help persona user to fuse persona inside velvet room help Minato to craft 'Universe' arcana, the most powerful arcana ever known, made from all his bond with his friend and ascend to Nyx true body inside the moon and miraculously seal Nyx.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Path of the Apocalypse : S. D. Perry :

His soul, however, was sacrificed to unleashed the 'Great Seal'. While Aigis hold him at her laps at the rooftop, Minato gave his final smile before he sleep and passed away. Having inherited Minato's Wild Card, Aigis decide to explore the abyss and stop the time loop. At the end of the Abyss of Time, they finally know the reason for Minato's death. He never actually seal Nyx, he simply act as a barrier between Nyx and Erebus, the greek god of darkness, who was born from human secret desire for the world to end.

They defeat Erebus and return the time to the way it was. But instead of returning to the dorm, they were sent to the velvet room and Metis return to become part of Aigis again. The SEES leave the dorm the day after and start a new beginning. Upon his arrival, a mysterious murder case has occurred where Midnight Channel, a secret channel that appear on 12 midnight on rainy day, has lead to the dead of anyone that appear inside the Midnight Channel and was found hanging on the telephone pole. He is also realize that he possessed the power of the Wild Card, similar to Minato Arisato's power, and he is able to enter the TV world, where shadow are lurking.

Together with his friend, he enter the TV world and meet Teddie, a strange bear who live inside TV world. Yu finally awaken his persona power and with his friend, forming the Inaba Investigation Team to find the culprit behind the murder.

The 10 Shadows of the Apocalypse

He took Nanako with him into the TV world resulting in him being pursued by Yu and his friend. But eventually Namatame was defeated, but this event left Nanako in a terrible sickness and was sent to hospital. The fog that has been filling the TV world are now started to leak into human world, which is the cause of Nanako sickness. Once he is defeated, however, Ameno-Sagiri, Japanese god of fog and the one who spread the fog into TV world, appear and continue to spread fog into human world.

He is defeated by Yu and his friend and finally accept that human still have hope left to continue to live without fog. Adachi was then arrested and Nanako has recover from her sickness. It is also revealed that Marie, Kusumi-no-Okami also an assistant to Igor , is a part of Izanami true self. But Yu, with all the bond that he made and with the help of Igor, finally craft the 'World' arcana to summon his ultimate persona, Izanagi-no-Okami, to unleash the 'Myriad Truths' and defeated Izanami.

The TV world then return to what Teddie always wanted, a beautiful world of joy, and with all other part of Izanami defeated, Marie become whole again as one and true Izanami-no-Mikoto, who wish for human happiness.

Reward Yourself

Yu went back to city by train, in hope that he will meet again with his friend. She wonder off to the TV world where the tournament currently being held to understand the Power of the Wild Card. The Investigation Team and Shadow Operative meet for the first time and help Labrys to accept her shadow self. After she accept her shadow self and gain her persona, They all meet Malevolent Entity and its allied human,simply known as Eerie Voice who is the true mastermind for Labrys stolen, and conduct a project to revert persona back to shadow. After the Investigation Team and Shadow Operative defeated them, they manage to escape. Yu has reform the team and Mitsuru is still pursuing the culprit. And lastly, Elizabeth are able to understand the Wild Card true nature and obtain her very own 'Fool' arcana. With blue butterfly mask on his face, Philemon stare at the sky in deep though. But instead of his calm and wise attitude, he has the look of worry and fear upon his eye.

On his right hand he hold a paper with something written on it, on his left hand he hold a crystal ball with many image appear on it. Lowering his head, he stare at the crystal ball before reading again what's written in the paper. If the prophecy is true, then they are our last hope. So I am deeply apologize if there is some grammatical error in this fic. Since Persona 4 Arena 2 has yet to be released, the Persona 4 Arena sequel event will never took place in this fic.

The year where Megami Ibunroku Persona and Persona 2 that took place in Persona universe timeline was never actually been confirm, so I simply pick the most possible year for the story to happen. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Games Persona Series. By the end of , the Four Horsemen will return followed by the defeat of Nyarlathotep, Nyx, Erebus and Izanami to destroy the world once and for all.

Chapter 1: New Prophecy Distant past : Philemon, a deity with butterfly mask has conduct an experiment with Nyarlathotep, the crawling chaos, to see if human heart can bring hope or destroy themselves. The world end prophecy is the undeniable truth The balance of hope and desire has been broken The war between light and darkness has begin The death of everyone is drawing near The day and night no longer has any difference The first four seal of the apocalypse has been open On the day of all mankind destruction The messiah descend from the universe to save mankind The great father calming his children from tears The sun give light to every lost soul in the dark place The true emperor rebel for his innocent people And the true battle for humanity begin "The new prophecy has been made," Philemon finally said, walking to the center of the realms dungeon,"I must wait no further, I better start finding Igor and discuss this matter, and I must find 'them'.

New Prophecy 2. Not in Gaza, and not on the ill-fated Malaysian airliner.

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Now there are American casualties in another war very far away so maybe, goddammit, somebody should start paying more attention to it. Kent Brantly, 33, an American doctor who has been working in Liberia since October for the North Carolina-based aid organization Samaritan's Purse, is receiving intensive medical treatment after he was infected with Ebola, according to a spokeswoman for the group. Melissa Strickland said Brantly, who is married and has two children, was talking with his doctors and working on his computer while being treated.

A second U. Writebol is married with two children, the organization said.

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That's some serious Damien-at-Molokai hero stuff right there, still being at your computer while you're being treated for one of the most vicious diseases on the planet. Other medical professionals, alas, are not as lucky. A Liberian government official said Sunday that one of that country's highest-profile doctors has died in what the World Health Organization WHO calls the largest recorded outbreak of the disease The first Liberian doctor to die of the disease was identified as Samuel Brisbane.

He was working as a consultant with the internal medicine unit at the country's largest hospital, the John F.

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Kennedy Memorial Medical Center in Monrovia. Brisbane, who once was a medical adviser to former Liberian President Charles Taylor, was taken to a treatment center on the outskirts of the capital after falling ill with Ebola and died there, said Tolbert Nyenswah, an assistant health minister. The most familiar examples are two-dimensional compositions of concentric squares, circles, or other patterns.

Sculptures were arranged in similar patterns to create three-dimensional mandalas of almost theme park-like proportions. Several works in this exhibition were once part of such ensembles. Skip to content Smithsonian Current Language. Search for: Search.