Two Husbands (Novellas by Martin Brant)

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Two Husbands Novellas By Martin Brant

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I hated reading and writing, but I loved telling stories and talking. I could make up crazy stories off the top of my head and people would listen—which was cool. As I got older and had to read and write more for school, I forced myself to find books I liked.

I needed the practice and to improve my reading speed if I would survive in school. In High School I got lucky, I had amazing teachers who introduced me to literature works, some good and others not so good. They also took the time to help me with my reading and encouraged my writing. To them I say thank you. During this time, I slowly very slowly realized I was attracted to boys. Not girls like all my guy friends. This was in the 70s and 80s when there were no openly gay men or women even when I found Stephen King and Star Trek, I loved the worlds they created, but still no people like me.

Are they a gay couple? If you believe the subtext they sure are. A messed up gay couple, but there it was in writing for the first time in my life.

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It was amazing. However, what AIDS did, after hundreds of thousands of gay men died, was, for good and for bad, it gave us the tragic gay character. I wanted to change this. I needed to change this. So now, I create strong characters that anyone can relate to, that happen to be gay. My characters needed to be so much more than gay! Gay would not be the focus. Which leads me to the second thing I noticed especially in gay fiction.

Almost everything I found and still find is gay romance or gay erotica novels. There is nothing wrong with that, but, for me, I wanted more out of my characters. I needed to create something different that would appeal to everyone. I wanted to see a gay character attack the Death Star and blow it up, be an Officer on the bridge of the Enterprise who had a partner on ship, be the married couple that have to deal with a paranormal attack on their family, and have to flee in the night with their kids, as coffins blew up out of the ground around them.

I wanted to see heroic gay characters save the realm and have the audience cheer for them in the theater. I wanted to see real gay people living in all these fantastic worlds. How do I get these gay people to live in exciting worlds? Well the ideas for my stories come from all around me. They come from family and friends. Most of the time my ideas start off as the characters talking to me in my dreams.

They will come introduce themselves and tell me who they are and what happened to them. When I wake up, I make notes and start from there. Okay, so that is a bit about why and how storied come to me. As always if you have questions leave them below in the comments section. We will be chatting about his debut novel Foreign To You. Been taking it for a year now.