Vientre y Corazón. Todo es posible…Soy mamá (Spanish Edition)

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Con fiebre leve : Es posible que sienta un poco de calor. Problemas a largo plazo con el alcohol y las drogas. Medicamentos esteroides, que pueden usarse para tratar una variedad de afecciones. Otros medicamentos usados para tratar la enfermedad autoinmunitaria. No tener bazo. Es posible que no se sienta alerta ni capaz de pensar claramente. Es posible que se desmaye. Es posible que se sienta mareado cuando se pone de pie o se incorpora. Es posible que orine menos de lo habitual. Durante al menos 24 horas, vomita cada vez que intenta beber algo.

Vomita en grandes cantidades y con mucha fuerza. Aspirina, ibuprofeno como Advil o Motrin y naproxeno como Aleve. Vitaminas y suplementos minerales, como hierro. Sentirse muy mareados o aturdidos, como si fueran a desmayarse. No sentirse alerta ni capaces de pensar claramente. Es posible que se sientan confusos, inquietos, temerosos o incapaces de responder preguntas.

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No responder cuando los tocan o les hablan. Actuar confusos. Falta de aire. Aturdimiento o debilidad repentina. Rigidez en el cuello. From the throat of the woman who keeps on singing, the day exhales and rises, ennobled, toward the stars! Las otras se apresuraron, y se han ido con el amor y el placer.

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Tiene una lumbre que apacigua. I have le you the lamp of the Dream, and you will live by its gentle brightness.

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  • Your lamp has a soothing radiance. But, in truth, you will be the merciful one when with your gaze, living among them, you ease their hearts. No hay arte ateo. Decalogue of the Artist I. There is no atheistic art. Beauty should not be a pretext for lewdness or vanity, but a spiritual exercise. You shall issue each creation with humility, for it was inferior to your dream, and inferior to that marvelous dream of God that is Nature. Duro, acre, sumo, el abrazo de la muerte. Why should You have made me fruitful, if I must be emptied and le like the crushed sugarcanes? Why should You spill the light across my forehead and my heart every morning, if You will not come to pick me, as one picks the dark grapes that sweeten in the sun, in the middle of autumn?

    It is Your love, Your aweful love, oh, God! It leaves the bones broken and wasted, the face bleached with fear, the tongue weak! Out of love, out of an abundance of love, I described what I will never see. People came to question me about You. Seeing that they were more anxious than a thirsty man who asks about the river, I spoke to them about You, without ever having experienced the full joy of You, yet. You, my Lord, will forgive me that. It was their desire, as it was mine, to show You forth clearly and purely, like the petals of the white lily. On the path across the desert, the anxiety of the Bedouins distinctly makes out mirages in the distance.

    The traveler does not arrive, but in their zeal, our eyes picture him each moment, there in the palest horizon. You understand: waiting makes people a little crazy, and silence creates sounds that circle around our febrile hearing. But that does not matter, my Lord: In one day of griefs, I could mature completely. Therefore I will sing my smallness in my song, so that You might turn Your countenance toward me if You miss me, my rapturous Harvester!

    But attending as I do to Your subtlest motions, I know such tenderness that it strengthens my trust in You! And I have smiled, dying of happiness, saying to myself: So, someday, He will gather me, like the trembling droplet, before I drop into the dust. Gather me, then, gather me soon! I have stretched no roots into this human earth. With one simple movement of Your lips, You sip me up; with one imperceptible sign of approval, You gather me in. Amalos, porque no recuerdan a Dios, ni nos evocan la cara amada. Ten piedad de ellos que buscan terriblemente, con una tremenda ansia, la belleza que no trajeron.

    He tolerates them; He lets them cross the dewy moss. Inside whatever is ugly, matter is weeping; I have heard its cry. Look at the pain, and love it. Love the spider and the beetle because of their pain, because, unlike the rose, they have no expression of happiness.

    Love them because they are a misguided longing for beauty, an unheard desire for perfection. They are like one of your days, wasted and miserable despite yourself. Love them because they do not recall God nor evoke for us that beloved face. The bulky spider in its light web dreams of an ideal world, and the beetle imagines the dew across its black back is an evanescent splendor.

    La venda Toda la belleza de la Tierra puede ser venda para tu herida. Toda la belleza es misericordia de Dios. El que te alarga la espina en una mano temblorosa, te ofrece en la otra un motivo para la sonrisa. No digas que es un juego cruel. The Bandage All the beauty of the Earth can be a bandage for your wound. Experience them like this.

    Experience the sky like this, like a bandage. The one who hurt you has gone, leaving you gauzy threads for the bandage all along the road.

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    Each morning when you open your shutters, feel the white dawn rising over the mountains as a marvelous bandage, already prepared against the hardships of the day. A un sembrador Siembra sin mirar la tierra donde cae el grano. Di tu palabra, y sigue tranquilo, sin volver el rostro. Habla a tus hermanos en la penumbra de la tarde, para que se borre tu rostro, y vela tu voz hasta que se confunda con cualquier otra voz. Hazte olvidar, hazte olvidar. Es un misterio al que asiste Dios y tu alma. Ha derramado sus criaturas y la belleza de las cosas por valles y colinas, calladamente, con menos rumor del que tiene la hierba al crecer.

    El calla, calla siempre. To a Sower He sows without looking where the seeds fall on the earth. Your glance, inviting them to respond, will seem to them like a solicitation to praise you, and though they might agree with the truth of what you say, they will deny it out of pride. When they see that you have moved away, they will harvest what you sowed; maybe they will embrace it with tenderness and will take it into their hearts.

    Talk with your brothers in the dim light of evening, so that your face is erased, and obscure your voice till it could be taken for any other voice.

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    • Make yourself forget, make yourself forget. Be like the father who forgives his enemy if he surprises him embracing his child. In your marvelous dream of redemption, let yourself be kissed. Observe this in silence, and smile. It is a mystery, assisting both God and your own soul. God contains also this necessary silence, because He is Self-contained. He has spread out His creatures and the loveliness of things over the valleys and the hills, quietly, with even less noise than the grass makes as it grows.

      Those who love the things of the earth come and look at them, touch them, and are entranced by them, bending their cheeks over the countenance of things. And they will never say His name! He is silent, always silent. And He smiles.

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      The harp is not still for a single moment, nor is the hand of the impassioned Player.